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Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Specialist detailing packages. All packages include a full valet to interior and engine bay free of charge

Entry Detail: This level of detail makes the biggest impact…you won't be disappointed

Full HD: My signature detail..see you car in full HD….seeing is believing!

Concours D'Elegance: This is for the professional, the obsessive the perfectionist

Entry Detail (2-days), and includes

* Full single stage machine polish to the exterior paint using professional techniques, equipment and products
* 95% swirls, marring and micro scratches removed from exterior paintwork
* Minor scratch removal
* Glass cleaned and protected
* Metal brightwork polished
* Trim, tyres and rubber prepared
* 'Finishing' to edges, panel gaps and door shuts

Small car - £400; medium car - £450; large car - £500
Full HD (3-5 days), and includes:

Everything from the Entry Detail plus:

* Multi stage polishing on exterior paintwork using professional and premium techniques
* Swirls, micro and minor scratch removal on paintwork up to 99%
* Deep scratches softened to remove visual impact
* Exterior plastics and rubbers rejuvenated
* Exterior glass machine polished and protected
* Head and tail lights refinished

Small car - £600; medium car - £650; large car - £700
Concurs D'Elegance

Please get in touch with us regarding this highly specialised process and your requirements

Price is on Application
Ceramic Coating
Put simply, ceramic coating is like permanent wax. All paintwork, wheels, glass, plastic and rubber trim can be protected for up to 3 years. At least a full 'Entry Detail' is needed before paintwork can be ceramic treated
Paintwork Protection

Why not keep your freshly detailed paintwork looking as good as it already does, for as long as possible? A ceramic coating provides:

* Scratch protection
* Repels water, dirt and contaminants
* Keeps your car cleaner, for longer
* Quicker and easier to clean
* Enhances finish and shine

Price is…..from £180

Please note this coating can only be applied after an 'Entry Detail' or 'Full HD' has been carried out