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Premium Valeting

Entry Valet, and includes

* Basic decontamination to wheels and lower areas on vehicle
* Thorough pressure wash
* Exterior safely washed
* Glass cleaned inside and out
* Tyres dressed
* Interior cleaned, cleared and vacuumed
* Dried using dedicated towels
* Premium products and techniques used throughout

Small/medium car - £50; large car - £60
HD Valet, and includes:

Everything from the Entry Valet plus:

* Full decontamination to bodywork, glass and wheels
* Snow foam pre-wash
* Edges, gaps and badges cleaned
* Safewash including door shuts and rain channels
* Further decontamination where appropriate
* Exterior windows hydrophobically treated
* Engine bay cleaned and dried
* Interior extensively cleaned including edges, gaps and vents
* Leather rejuvenated
* Fabrics cleaned
* Touchscreen fingerprint removal

Small/medium car - £90; large car - £100
Post-Detail Maintenance
Detailing Offer

If you go for a Full HD Detail with Paint Protection you will receive one free maintenance wash at HDHQ for that car within the first six months after application
Maintenance Wash

If your car has been previously detailed, ceramic coated or simply well looked after, and you still want the best, this is for you:

* Full HD Valet standards using complete safe wash techniques to prevent damage to your vehicle's finish and protection
* Extra long decontamination process
* Choice of hard wax or ceramic spray sealant
* Utmost care taken with your investment
* Coatings inspected and topped up as appropriate

Small/medium car - £90; large car - £100